Nearing or in retirement

You’re within 5 years of retirement or already retired.  You’re looking to partner with an advisor that can help strategically manage your financial resources, create a steady and sustainable income, and stay on top of your finances so that you can enjoy the retirement you deserve.  

Meet Emily and Ryan

In their early-60s, Emily and Ryan stand on the brink of retirement, eager to embrace their new chapter together. Emily spent two decades to public service while Ryan's passion lies in the impactful work of a small non-profit. Their shared dream involves cherishing moments doing what they love, side by side, as they step into this next phase of life.

For years, Emily and Ryan have entrusted their retirement plan to free advisors provided through their employers, but they’ve never paid for advice.  A brief encounter with an advisor during their 40s left them uneasy, as the focus seemed to veer more towards earning commissions rather than advising what was in their best interest. 

But now, as their retirement nears, they are determined to give it another shot.  As they stand at this pivotal juncture, Emily and Ryan are determined to give it another shot.  They are looking to find a financial planner who prioritizes their dreams over profits, someone they can wholeheartedly trust.  

Pain Points
  • They need some assurance that they're ready for the next step:  They've worked their entire lives for this moment.  As retirement approaches, they feel the stakes are higher.  Once they're retired, they never want to HAVE to work again, so they're looking for a second opinion from a professional who can give them the assurance they need.  

  • They’re worried about income and taxes:  They're worried about balancing stable income while controlling and minimizing their tax burden.  They need some help with creating an income strategy to balance RMDs, Medicare premiums, and Social Security.

  • They need to prioritize multiple financial goals:  They have multiple priorities like planning for retirement, leaving a legacy for their heirs, and charitable inclinations.   They need help prioritizing and allocating assets to ensure they can accomplish everything they'd like to accomplish.

  • Their finances are complex: Managing a substantial portfolio with various assets like real estate, investments, and retirement accounts can be overwhelming and challenging, especially if they lack experience in financial management.


You have a lot of questions and want to work with someone who is patient, nonjudgmental, and treats you with respect. You seek advisors who understand your unique circumstances, provide personalized attention, and prioritize your best interests.  You want to feel confident that your advisors have your best interests at heart and are not driven by conflicts of interest. You value clear communication, transparency in fees and charges, and a collaborative approach that involves educating you about your options. 

  • How long will our money last in retirement?

  • How much will be left behind for our heirs?

  • What if one passes away early? 

  • How do we balance Social Security, RMDs, and annuity income so we can stay in the 22% tax bracket and avoid additional Medicare premiums?

  • When should we claim Social Security benefits?

  • What if there is poor market performance?

  • How does my inheritance affect my other financial goals, like paying for my kids college?

A widow, son, or daughter who inherited significant wealth and may be inexperienced
Inheritance Receivers
A widow, son, or daughter who recently inherited significant wealth and may be inexperienced with managing a sizable portfolio.
A spouse who has always managed the household finances and wants to prepare their partner for their own passing
Inheritance Leavers
A spouse who has always managed the household finances for the family, and wants to prepare their partner for when they may not be around anymore
An individual or couple who wants to plan for their own retirement and leave a lasting legacy
A couple who wants to plan for own retirement but ALSO expects to leave behind significant wealth to their children and grandchildren