Do I need to live in Hawaii to work with you?

Absolutely not! I offer in-person meetings in Hawaii and virtual meetings nationwide. This works very well for those living on the East or West Coast who prefer to meet in the late afternoon or evening.

I don’t really fit exactly into one of the example clients – can I still work with you?

Yes, of course! Our specialty is serving inheritance givers and receivers or those that are in or nearing retirement. You may have different goals, pain points, life circumstances, etc. which is great. We’d be thrilled to work with you.

What kind of experience do you have with goals like mine? 

I've helped hundreds of clients with planning for retirement, needing income in retirement, or managing a substantial inheritance. I also own and manage 3 rental properties, including an Airbnb in Michigan, so I am uniquely qualified to advise on real estate investing.  

How do you earn money?

I am a fee-only FIDUCIARY financial advisor. The only compensation I receive is directly from my clients. I have flexible compensation models, depending on what you need. You can read more on my pricing page.

What is your investment philosophy?

This question can be answered in a couple ways: First, I believe in goals-based strategic asset allocation, which in a nutshell means that your goals and risk tolerance dictate the ratio of aggressive versus conservative investments in your portfolio.

I believe that low-cost passive investing should be the default for most people. Studies have shown that active management, whether that’s individual stock pickers or hedge funds, not only charge higher fees but also consistently underperform their benchmarks long-term.

I work with clients who custody assets at Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, and Betterment. I offer investment management exclusively through Betterment. Through Betterment, I can offer passive investment management, rebalancing, tax efficiency, and alternatives such as socially responsible investing, target income generation, and quantitative factor investing.